Should I buy it?!

Lately I have been really wanting to move ahead on our master bedroom. Nothing crazy, just like paint and proper bedding. Currently our master is completely mismatched. We have like 5 different types of furniture, old curtains that don’t really go with anything, and we sleep with only a bottom sheet and separate comforters ๐Ÿ™‚ Parker has never let us use a top sheet. I’m super used to it now, and I actually like it, as well.ย Iย could go back to a top sheet, but it would never work for us. Parker is incapable of acting normal with a top sheet. Its miserable when we sleep in a bed that has one. I also quite like having my own comforter (mine is a super little duvet type blanket that Parker bought me from Restoration Hardware while we were dating because I was always cold). There is no fighting for covers throughout the night. BUT it looks like heathens live in our bedroom. Maybe we are? I HAVE to close our door when people come over just in case they have to chase their kids up the stairs and happen to look into our bedroom. I realized it was bad when my 6 year old had a friend over and I was even too embarrassed for her to glance in there when she walked by. Part of that is because its always messy. The bed is never “made” – whatever that would mean for us ๐Ÿ™‚ There are always baskets of clean laundry; and I always have a pile of clothes I’ve worn but aren’t “dirty” on top of our chest. Here are some reminders of where are bedroom stands now (but cleaned up):

We bought this bed and dresser, both of which we really like (except some of the finish has come off the headboard ๐Ÿ™ ), last year. Then we did the mudroom and the master bedroom came to a halt.


Here was a plan I came up with at one point:

However, I recently started looking at bedding again. Nothing excited me (and I don’t like to buy something unless I’m really excited about it) until I saw this:


What do you think??? It is all on sale plus 30% off the prices you see. I really like it and think it all works well together. Its something I am finally excited about. My only concern is that it is light in color. Three of the Smiths don’t typically do well with light colors. I mean I do feel like it would be more for show than us actually using it. I might be talking myself out of it right now. I think the look is great, but how do we live with it? I need advice! Do you think it goes with our headboard and dresser? Do you think we could turn into normal people and not ruin it? Is it leaning too shabby chic? Give me everything you’ve got.