A Few Updates to the Little Girl Room

Back in April, shortly after I started the blog, I gave you a preview of some things we would be working on.  Since then we have completed the mudroom and moved our playroom to the basement. The main level bathroom and the master bedroom haven’t been touched, but we did check some things off of the list for the kids’ rooms over our Christmas break. We need to do a little more in the boy’s room before I share it, but I’ll give you the quick updates we did in the little girl room. It’s nothing major, but it feels to make progress nonetheless.

Here is her room before:

Our Corner of the World Blog | A Few Updates to the Little Girl Room

And now:

Our Corner of the World Blog | A Few Updates to the Little Girl Room
There is a really cute throw pillow on back order that should arrive in February. I also wish I would have taken this picture without the light on 🙁

We finally hung the frame we got her for LAST Christmas. The letter in the middle is decoupaged in the wrapping paper that inspired her room. My mom made this a couple of years ago and its finally hanging in place! We also got the little lady a new comforter. As I mentioned before, the old one was really old and was a hand-me-down-hand-me-down. I’ve been looking for a comforter for ages. I was finally going to buy this one from Pottery Barn Teen for Christmas:

Our Corner of the World Blog | A Few Updates to the Little Girl Room - via Pottery Barn Teen
Via Pottery Barn Teen

I can’t remember what the price was at the time, but it was definitely discounted. However, the comforter and shams would have cost me well over $100…probably over $150. Remembering some advice I had given in the past, I decided to check Target. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this:

Our Corner of the World Blog | A Few Updates to the Little Girl Room - via Target
Via Target

The Target option is less than $40 and includes the shams!!! So this is what we got! I think the color would have been slightly better with the Pottery Barn Teen option since her sheets and curtains are PBKids/PBTeen, and I am sure the quality of the fabric is better. However, for a 6 year old with an opinion (which will likely change in the next few years), this works! So here is where we are with the to-do list:

    1. paint
    2. curtains
    3. bed
    4. dressers and nightstand
    5. sheets
    6. hang mirrors
    7. Hang frame and “A” above her bed
    8. Be on the lookout for a new bed spread
    9. add throw pillows
    10. girly chandelier
    11. lamp for nightstand
    12. Maybe some more art on the walls by her closet. I’d love to use more of the wrapping paper that is on the “A.” I bought a few rolls of it when she was a baby and have always saved it for her big girl room.

Do you like the bed spread? It was definitely a deal, but I still think I might have liked something more neutral. However, she loves it and my mom seems to think it is SO much better, so we are going with it 🙂


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