Friday Fun Links

Well I’d like to get a post about our own projects on the blog soon, but I’ve been having trouble keeping up at school. The end of the trimester is just crazy. Everybody is needy and it’s my job to manage everybody’s needs 🙂 Also, this week Parker was a computer hog. He was working on our first paid project….super exciting! It’s a basement floor plan. I may be able to share a little more later.

I’ve got some other things to share soon, too. We got a chair for the mudroom and are going to hang some things, so I’ll update you on that (with better pictures than I’ve shared so far) when we get it done. We are also going to be working on creating a kid zone in the basement. AND we are probably a year out from getting hardwood floors, but we are already in our planning phase and may do something drastic to get the process started. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

So for now, check these out:

I love the room below! The modern light with more traditional furniture is perfect. Also, black windows. Just a great vibe! You have to click on the picture so you can also see the amazing mirror leaning on the wall.

Our Corner of the World Blog | Friday Fun Links - Dining Room by Z Design at Home
I love this room by Z Design at Home.


It turns out Columbus, Indiana is a modern architecture destination. Sounds like a great day trip!

Listen to your “trend immune system”

Emily Henderson is renovating her family’s new house. I’ve been loving her posts about it. She’s making big decisions daily and asking for feedback, which I love. I think she’s doing what I do when I ask Parker where he wants to eat. I’m not necessarily going to take the suggestions into consideration, I’m just using him to figure out what I really want 😉

Our Corner of the World Blog | Friday Fun Links - Emily Henderson reno
Via Emily Henderson

Enjoy the links and have a great weekend! I’d love your thoughts in the comment section!