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So I know I just started blogging, but I need to take this coming week off. My school is on trimesters, so finals are next week. That means a whirlwind of grading for me! In addition, we will be celebrating my sons birthday and getting our daughter ready to be star of the week at preschool. Its going to be one of those weeks where it feels like I won’t make it, but I will. The beginning of the next trimester is always nice and calm, so I have that to look forward to! We’ve got some exciting projects making appearances on the blog in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

In my absence, I thought maybe you would like to check out some of my favorite blogs. I’ve been a blog reader for several years now, which is why I was inspired to create my own. I keep up with all of my blogs by following them on bloglovin’, which is a blog reader. I just visit bloglovin’, and it shows me all of the posts from the blogs I like. If there’s a post I’m not interested in, I can just mark it as read. So here they are in no particular order:

Hi Sugarplum!

Hi Sugarplum | ORC Living Room
I love Cassie’s home design style. When she is not posting about her house, she is giving me outfit ideas and letting me know about great sales.

Addicted 2 Decorating

Addicted 2 Decorating | kitchen after - wall of cabinets
I love following Kristi’s blog because she is ALWAYS working on her house. She does really interesting projects – just look at that kitchen! My favorite thing is that she takes us through her thought process and is always changing her mind, which is probably what a lot of us go through when decorating our houses. She even asks for our opinions, which I love! She definitely keeps it real!! Its not all beautiful before and afters without any of the hard stuff that happened along the way. She brings us along through it all.

Chris Loves Julia

The Full Kitchen Reveal | Chris Loves Julia
Chris and Julia have a great distinct style and do a good job of making their house cohesive. I appreciate their creativity in reworking their floor plan and their choice of Ikea cabinets. We also plan to rework our floor plan to create a mudroom, and we built an Ikea kitchen; so I relate to their posts. I love what they did with their kitchen!! You have to check out the before pictures.

Hunted Interior

Hunted Interior
Kristin has skill! I love her style. She clearly likes a lot of the same things I do, like lucite and lacquer. She even worked with Hi Sugarplum! to design the room in the first picture I posted above.

Be More with Less

Be More with Less
This blog is quite a bit different than the others, but it’s so good. I’m nowhere close to a minimalist, but I kind of want to be one. I began reading this blog during night time feedings with my second child. For some reason, I found it so calming. While I can’t call myself a minimalist, Courtney has really inspired me to pare down. Its easy to get caught up in having it all (especially while reading home decor blogs), but this blog brings me back to what really matters and reminds me of all that comes along with having too much. Check out some other inspiring quotes (I had trouble picking just one) by clicking on the picture.

Centsational Girl

Centsational Girl | lavender and blue girls room
I always enjoy Kate’s projects, and she is also a great curator of other internet content. I love her Best of the Blogosphere (BOTB) posts!


I hope you enjoy checking out these other blogs! See you the week after next. Wish me speedy grading and focused students 🙂 If you want tons of great stuff to read (or pictures to look at), hop on bloglovin’ and see what you find. There are blogs about fashion, diy, crafting, home design, being a mom, organizing, minimalism, being frugal, and much more. If you have an account or create one, you can follow Our Corner of the World by clicking on the heart icon in my sidebar.