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We went to Target the other night, and there was so much good stuff! I thought it was time for another post about the great deals you can get at Target. Here’s another post with a bunch of stuff I wanted at other stores that I found for so much cheaper at Target. Right now, there is a great sale on furniture.

We just bought this:

Threshold Outdoor Windsor Metal Loveseat Bench

We should NOT be spending money on wants right now, but this was seriously too good of a deal to pass up. I’ve wanted a bench in our dining room for a long time. We have a table for 6 but only 4 chairs. I thought a bench would be a great addition. I kind of imagined something comfy, but I’ve never found one I like for a reasonable price. Plus fabric and food probably wouldn’t be smart in our house. I love the look of this bench and it should be quite durable since its actually made for outdoors. And it was 64ish dollars!!!! That seems almost ridiculous to me. #worthit

Here are some other great deals I’m loving:

Room Essentials 18″ planter

I thought the planter was a good deal for the size. I also like the simple design. I’d like one for our front porch and one or two for the back deck.

Threshold Windson Wood Arm Chair

I love the chair above. I think it looks a lot more expensive than it is. I can see two of these next to a couch. It definitely has a mid-century vibe, but I still think its versatile. If you love West Elm, this is your much less expensive option and you can save $69 on it right now bringing it to $160!! OH and save an EXTRA 10% with code STPATRICK. So really you could get 2 chairs for under $300.

Pillowfort Bulldog Table Lamp

We love bulldogs at our house (rest in peace Rocky) (Go Dawgs). We have two bulldog lamps in our playroom/sunroom. I think they both came from one of the Pottery Barn stores. They are no longer available and I don’t think they cost $28 like this one!

Pillowfort Medium Luna Lounger Chair

We thought about getting the kids “anywhere” chairs around the holidays, but they are just so expensive. These come in several colors and have really good reviews. Right now they are about $67 dollars, but again, you can save another 10% with the code STPATRICK.

And let’s not forget the EXTRA 5% you can save on everything everyday with a Target Red Card. If you don’t have one, you should. You can just use it like a debit card linked to your normal checking account.

So what do you think of the bench? I’ll share a picture of it in the room soon! You might catch it on instagram this weekend. You can follow me on instagram by clicking the proper hexagon in the sidebar (or under the post if you are on a mobile device). What do you have your eye on at Target? I bet its on sale!




*post contains affiliate links

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